Mirage Source Classic

Originally developed by Chris ‘Consty’ Kremer, the original source code and some updated versions by other members can be found at the original website.

Mirage Source 5

Based on MSE4 by William, this version features seamless scrolling maps, DirectX 8 and byte array packets.


Mirage Source: Deloria Edition is based on the MSE4 engine. This version was made as a close replica of a once popular MMO Deloria Online, for the game Legends of Darnoth. It comes complete with all the maps, items, spells and other resources from Legends of Darnoth so that you can create your very own Deloria-esque game.


Based on Mirage Source 5, MirageMUD is a graphical text-based multi-user-dungeon. The very first and probably the only ever MUD to be made from Mirage Source. It includes most of the features found in Mirage Source 5, but with a room system instead of visual 2D maps.